Laser Marking

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Violino 2

Violino 2

Power and precision.
Diode-pumped laser sources for marking and engraving.
End Pumped Solid State Laser solution for industrial laser marking applications. An industrial optical fiber connects the laser Head to the Power Supply unit.

The laser diode pump is located in a sealed module inside of the air cooled electronic power supply rack.

Characteristic of the ViolinoTM 2 is the excellent beam Quality necessary for marking a broad range of materials.

Best results on steel, titanium, aluminium (bare, anodized or coated) as well as on plastics (such as ABS, Lexan, PES, PET, PVC), polycarbonate and many others.

Product Development...

Through consultation with our customer; we can work from conceptual ideas to produce three dimensional models, and two dimensional detailed drawings too.

Product Development...

CNC Turning

CNC Turning

We have a range of CNC lathes including bar feed capability with the majority having Renishaw tool measurement probes.

Holding Devices
Including Face Plates, Chucks, Fixtures and Precision Colletts. Programmes are produced off-line and can be produced by Drawing or loading electronic files such as DXF files.

All machines are DNC linked with automatic back-up.

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