Part Marking

As well as machinine engraving, including filled, we have two laser marking systems and a low stress stamping capability.

Violino 2

Power and precision – diode-pumped laser sources for marking and engraving … read more

Trotec Speedy 300

Superior laser cutting, marking and engraving.

Pryor PortaDot P50-25 Low Stress Marking

The Pryor PortaDot P50-25 is a versatile, lightweight handheld marking machine with a marking window of 50mm x 25mm. It provides a fast and portable method of dot-peen marking, otherwise known as dot marking. 

The controller provides full control of marking and traceability. Ideal for marking permanent alphanumeric, logo or barcode information onto a wide variety of immobile, large or heavy components.

  • Electromagnetic solenoid driven dot peen marking 
  • Ideal for asset labelling and security marking
  • Used in rail, oil and gas/pipeline, casting/forging, VIN marking, and construction applications
  • Controlled with 4000 series embedded controller