CNC Inspection

The Inspection Department is fully equipped with all types of measuring equipment and laser tool management.

Our inspection equipment includes Mitutoyo CNC Co-ordinate measuring machines, a Euro C-A554 and a Crysta Apex C-7106 both of these are equipped stylus changers. We also have LK and Nikon Altera CMMs, both have Camio Software and continuous probes, the Nikon also has a laser scanner.

Nikon Altera CMM + LK Altera S CMM

ALTERA’s ceramic bridge and spindle components coupled with proven LK air-bearing design provide the ultimate in stiffness and stability, altogether delivering significantly improved repeatability.

Many of the components in these instruments are manufactured by WLR

CAMIO is a comprehensive CMM software package, with advanced
integrated multi-sensor capability for touch probes, scanning probes
and laser scanning. Inspection programs and reports can be created
for a wide range of common or specialist applications, both online
or offline, using any popular CAD format.

Hommel Opticline (x2)

The Hommel Opticline range of measuring systems is designed to provide high speed, high accuracy measurement of cylindrical components on the shop floor. The range is capable of measuring items with a length of up to 1000mm, a diameter of 230mm and a weight of 40kg … read more

Mitutoyo CNC CMM

Mitutoyo Euro-c-a544 & Crysta-Apex c 710 CNC instruments are designed to perform demanding measuring tasks in laboratory and production environments. Both have Renishaw Phio motorised indexing head and probe trees fitted … read more

Mitutoyo Quick Vision Pro QV404 and QVX404

The New range of Quick Vision machines offer LED illumination which facilitates measurements that would otherwise be difficult under white light alone … read more

Mitutoyo Series 518 x2

The Mitutoyo Linear Height multifunctional single axis height gauge makes 2D measurement simple and accurate. It is possible to measure from simple 1D parameters of the surface height, circle diameter, distance, perpendicularity and straightness to sophisticated 2D measurement … read more

Niton XL2 800

Whether the need is quality control, sorting of scrap material, or even failure analysis, verification of metal alloy grade and composition is crucial to the success of many businesses. The Niton XL3t 800 series provides a variety of rugged solutions for the most demanding alloy analysis needs … read more

Bowers XT Holematic

The Bowers XT Holematic Xtreme bore gauge incorporates an ergonomic pistol grip handle with an advanced trigger action, giving the user the advantages of both speed of operation and a constant measuring pressure … read more

Profile Projector

The INH30A provides high quality horizontal profile … read more

Hardness Testing

WLR are a OneSubsea Approved Vendor for hardness testing … read more