KERN Pyramid Nano

This is one of a range of machining centres built by Kern to achieve more exacting standards and achieve consistent, accurate, repeatable results with excellent finishes.

This is achieved in several ways, one of the key ones being the use of hydrostatic lead screws normally found in sophisticated grinding equipment to avoid the backlash associated with ballscrews. Probing of both the tools and the workpiece enables monitoring of all aspects and a 42,000rpm spindle takes surface finishing to a new level.

These machines are used in specific industries like watch making and optics, but allow us here at WLR to take a wide range of components to tighter and more repeatable tolerances – no need to ask for top or bottom limit!

These include parts for accurate metering systems, camera lenses, microwave, analytical & laboratory equipment, oil & gas applications, and many more.

  • Hydrostatic guideways and drive system
  • Integrated central temperature management system (±0.25°C) for hydraulic systems, spindle, electrical cabinet and flood coolant unit
  • Accuracy ± 1 μm on the workpiece (VDI/DGQ 3441)

Virtually Perfect Precision

Accuracy ± 1μm on the workpiece and this is how we do it

  1. Infrared Renishaw OMP 40 spindle probe
  2. 5 axis table – Accuracy 3 secs / arc on the workpiece
  3. KERN Armorith, polymerconcrete base reinforced with steel bars
  4. Spindle HSK40 200 – 42,000 15.0KW
  5. Tool changer HSK40 – 75 tools
  6. Heidenhain Control System
  7. Blum Laser Tool Measurement
  8. Hydrostatic Guideways and drive systems in X/Y/Z axes

Integrated central temperature management in five separate cooling circuits for spindle, drives, axes, machine base and coolant system.
Axis travels:- X = 500mm Y = 500mm Z = 400mmPrecision according to VDI/DGQ 3441 Verified on NAS test piece.


KERN Pyramid Nano Machining Centre

Virtually Perfect Precision.
This machine is super accurate with precision of /- 0.3 um that is 0.0003 mm. A human hair is around 0.09 mm in diameter.