KERN Micro Vario

Flexible platform for the highest demands

With its new design and advanced developments, the second generation of the KERN Micro sets new standards in flexibility, precision and productivity. Ultra-compact, trimmed for productivity and precision, flexible and application-oriented, the KERN Micro Vario generates the decisive competitive advantage – permanently and efficiently.

The KERN Micro Vario is not a standard milling machine. It is ultra-compact, it provides effortless automation, hassle-free accuracy in the micro range and configuration and equipment can easily be individualized – just as our customers need it.

The KERN Micro Vario is the second generation of the KERN Micro and even more powerful, compact and resistant to external influences. It can be individually configured for the customer-specific application and can be integrated into the production line without any efforts.

With the sophisticated machine design, the unique KERN temperature management and the high-end components, the machine reliably delivers the well-known KERN preci-sion and repeatability. The KERN Micro Vario is at home in the industrial environment. It is reliable, robust and durable – for every kind of application.


• Compact design and small footprint of only 4 m2 / 43 sq ft
• Supreme machine stability with the advanced KERN Temperature Management
• High productivity with unmatched accuracy
• Best quality, flexibility and competitiveness
• Multi-shift operation with no need for operator with integrated changer for up to 210 tools and a maximum of 60 workpieces
• Certified interfaces for additional accessories and automation systems
• Management and maintenance during operation without interruption while machine is running


KERN Micro Vario Machining Centre

The KERN Micro Vario is the high performance machining centre which meets the highest demands for flexibility, precision and productivity